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    Transport Overview

    (Education Dept)

    Online applications are closed. They are to apply in person by bringing their ID card and birth certificate of their child. Mon to Sat between 8.30am and 1.00pm and on Wednesdays between 4.30pm and 7.00pm as well.

    To apply for the free Government School transport with ALM Garage you need to firstly register through the website using your e-ID credentials. From there you can insert all the required details and when the registration is complete you will receive a unique Voucher. This Electronic Voucher generated will be used to register with our school transport via STEP 2 or you can print it and provide it directly in our office.

    Please use the files below as guidance to registration with the e-ID:

    Applikazzjoni għal Trasport ta' Skejjel tal-Knisja u Indipendenti
    Non-State Transport Application
    School Transport for Non State Schools - Presentation for Parents

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    Student Information

    Parent/Guardian Information
    Selects your dates
    Selects your route
    Selects your route
    Selects your route
    Pick Up & Drop Off Information
    Drop Off Address Address
    Drop Off City
    Further Instructions
    By signing below you are agreeing to use our school transport with different addresses for either Pick-Up or Drop-Off although the Ministry of Education is adopting the policy for a fixed Pick-Up and Drop-Off location
    Further Instructions
    Voucher Information
    Insert the following to complete registration: